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Welcome to TASWIR!

TASWIR is an imaginary institute, a platform initiating and producing projects in collaboration with a loosely associated faculty. The site of TASWIR takes on the form of a fragmented and expanding body. You may enter the universe of TASWIR in several ways:

  • The Atlas

    The ATLAS is the most complex way to enter the project. In it you find an object related, multi-faceted and mobile edition of the TASWIR project. The ATLAS is in a state of nucleus and still forthcoming. Visit the Atlas

    The Topography

    The TOPOGRAPHY is the systematic way to enter the project. What you find is an idiosyncratic order of encyclopedic themes, subjectively defined, filled with TASWIR related projects, present and future. Visit the Topography

  • The Faculty

    The FACULTY is the personal way to enter the project. Here you will see who has worked with the TASWIR project so far, and how TASWIR crystallizes when mirrored in the works of our loosely associated faculty. Visit the Faculty

    Latest from the Calendar

    The CALENDAR is the public way to enter the project. In the Calendar we announce activities of our faculty members and publicize events in which we recognize a strong affinity to our own projects. Visit the Calendar